Snapdeal Sd Cash Loot Trick With Video Tutorial (Updated – August)


Snapdeal Sd Cash Loot Trick

Download These Apps :

  1. Snapdeal App
  2. Xposed Installer
  3. Xprivacy App
  4. Hide My Root
  5. Root Clock

Follow These Steps :

  1. Download and Install all 5 Apps Provided above either in any Rooted Mobile (Non-Lollipop) or In Rooted Bluestacks .
  2. Now First Of All Open Xposed Installer > Framework > Install/Update

  3. After Installing Xposed Module,Reboot Your Phone.
  4. Now,Open Xposed > Modules . And Make The Following Changes. (Here Tick on Xprivacy app/Root Clock/Hide my root apps only.).
  5. Now Open Root Clock and Proceed to “Add/Remove Apps”. You will see a Plus Button on the Top Most at Right Side ,Click On it and Add “com.snapdeal.main”. Follow the Screenshot below.
  6. Now Open Hide my root app and Simply Click on “Hide su binary”. Then You will get a Success Message of its hiding.

Setting Xprivacy :

  1. Open Xprivacy App > You will see full list of Apps Installed on your device Select Snapdeal app.
  2. Now click on Snapdeal and open it and now you will see many options like accounts,contacts,etc.
  3. Now scroll down and tick mark on “Phone” “Shell” and “System”.
  4. Now Open Shell and Tick mark on “Su” and “Sh”.
  5. Now click on System and scroll down and you will see “getInstalledPackages” tick mark on it.
  6. Now after doing this all steps properly, go back and click on 3 lines in right top corner and click on Settings.
  7. Now Scroll down and you will see options like Clear and Randomize Now . Click on“Randomize Now”.
  8. Now Click on Save button and now close Xprivacy App after saving randome values.
  9. Now Open Snapdeal App and Click on Earn Rewards and Enter Below Referral Code – YCP8747706 to get Free 50 Rs Snapdeal Cash .
  10. Now to do more refers just clear Snapdeal data and Open Xprivacy.
  11. Goto Settings and again Randomize Xprivacy Values as we done in Step 7 and 8.
  12. Again do Snapdeal Refer now
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    Video Tutorial :