Hike Loot : Unlimited Earning Trick Using 1 Number + Talktime Recharge Instead Of Data Recharge Trick


Convert Your Free MB Data To Mobile Recharge frickspanel

Hey Readers, We are back with another awesome trick of Hike Messenger. Hike Messenger – India’s one of the widely used Messenger app allow you to stay connected with your friends and love ones. Indian style stickers and lot more customization available. They are now running a new Referral program in which you can earn free Hike SMS along with it earn Free Data with Hike.

Trick to Get Unlimited Hike Refers Using 1 Number :

  1. Download Hike App
  2. Create a main account from a number in which you want recharge.
  3. Copy your Referral link from Invite Friends section.
  4. After getting your referral link Open Bluestacks Emulator in PC/Laptop. ( You Can Do It On Mobile Also)
  5. Now paste your referral link in browser of Bluestacks & it will redirect you to Playstore.
  6. Download hike from playstore and enter your unregistered number.
  7. Verify it. Now you have got 100 Mb in your main hike account.
  8. Now uninstall Hike app from bluestacks.
  9. Open BS-Tweaker and Change Android ID, Guid, Google advertising Id and restart Bluestacks.
  10. Now again Install Hike from your own referral link (Backup trick will not work).
  11. Now while Verifying enter “2 zero’s” before your number.
  12. For eg see below. Eg : While second time Registering make It 9100xxxxxxxxxx
  13. Then For verification select Call Me option for getting your otp.
  14. Now for the third time again while entering number add “4 zero’s” before number.
  15. Eg : While Third time Registering make It 910000xxxxxxxxxx
  16. Now forgetting 10 times referral amount from 1 number u need to add 91/92/93 before the two zeros.
    Eg : 9100xxxxxxxxxx
  17. Like this you can enter and upto 9199xxxxxxxxxx
  18. Now for Unlimited Times just change 9192 by changing any random number. 
  19. Eg : 9105xxxxxxxxxx/ 9159xxxxxxxxxx
  20. For Verification Select Call Me Option For Getting Your OTP (Wait For 10 sec To Get Call Me Option)

Remember : You Need To Change Android ID, Guid, Google advertising Id and Restart Bluestacks each time.
In Mobile You Need To Change Device ID & IMEI Only.
You Need To Download Hike App Each Time.
App Size is 16 Mb
You Get 100 Mb As Referral Bonus Each Time (100 Mb = Rs.50 Recharge)

Steps To Convert Your Free MB Data To Mobile Recharge :

  • When You Reach 100+ Mb Go to Redeem Option
  • Select Any Fake Operator and Circle To Recharge
  • You’ll Get Failure Message
  • (Here Comes An Option To Reedem It For Mobile Recharge)
  • Click On That
  • Now Enter Your Real Correct Operator & Circle
  • Done!!

Note : Hike will give you %0% of you Data Balance as Recharge

Eg : If you have 100 MB then they give you Rs.50 Recharge