How To Get Unlimited Facebook Likes & Followers


Hi Readers, Today Am Going To Tell You How To Get Social Sites Likes, Shares, Tweets, Subscribers And Much More.the Post Theme Says That Its For Facebook But This Post Is Not Just For Facebook.
Before Going To The Method Let Me Tell How You Really Get These Likes And Other Things. The Site Is Like Market Place Its Like Exchange Matter. The More You Give, The More You Get.the Platform On The Site Is Easy Is To Use And The Point How You Gonna Get Likes Is Basically When You Likes Other Posts Or Do Other Things You Get Coins For It. So Using Those Coins You Can Set Your Own Facebook Page To Likes And Set Coins For It, So When Other Likes Your Page You Actually Give Coins To Them From Your Owns And In This Way The Whole Exchange Matter Remains In Good And Working Method.
There Are Many Sites Like This But Most Of Them Are Useless. Am  Going To Introduce One Of The Best Site That Will Really Help You. That’s Addmefast

About Addmefast :

  • Addmefast Is A Network That Will Help You Grow Your Social Presence. We Allow You To Look And Choose Who You Want To Like/subscribe/follow/view And Skip Those Who You Are Not Interested In.
  • Addmefast Helps You To Increase Facebook Likes, Facebook Share, Facebook Followers, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Post Share, Google+ Circles, Google+ Post Share, Youtube Subscribe, Youtube Video Likes, Youtube Video Favorites, Youtube Views, Twitter Followers, Twitter Tweets, Twitter Retweets, Twitter Favorites, Likes, Vk Page Followers, Vk Group Join, Myspace Friends, Instagram Followers, Instagram Photo Likes, Pinterest Followers, Pinterest Repins, Pinterest Likes, Reverbnation Fans, Soundcloud Followers, Soundcloud Music Listening, Stumbleupon Followers And Website Hits (autosurf).
  • Addmefast Doesn’t Sell Likes/subscribes/followers/views/hits. We Will Never Request For Usernames And Passwords Of Your Social Network Accounts And Will Never Post, Tweet Or Update Status From Your Accounts
  • Easy Registration, 50 Points At Start And 200 Daily Bonus Points For Active Users.

You Can Earn Coins By Others liking Posts, Pages, Photos Or By Following Others On Facebook, Youtube , Twitter, Etc. For This I Suggest You To Use Any Fake Account, So Will Have Not Much Pages Liked On Your Own Account.Now Follow The Steps To Learn How To Earn Coins &  Likes.

  • First of all Register to the site Addmefast : Register Here
  • Now once you get logged in to the site you can see the likes options from where you can get coins.
  • Click on Facebook like icon, you will get another page saying ‘You will get 9 coins by liking this page’ 9 is just example its depend on the owner how much he/she set it for the page.So next you have to click the like button you will be redirect to another page of facebook , make sure you are logged in on Facebook as well . So you have to like the page there , it will redirect you again to the main Addmefast page and you will get the coins mention there.
  • In this way you can increase your coins

– You can earn coins easily by website surfing,this is a very simple method to earn follow the steps below to earn through website surfing

  1. click the website hits button on the left side bar.
  2. The website hits button you will directed to another page. What that page will do is that it will keep visiting different website so you just have to stay calm and just leave the page like that it will keep visiting and you will get the coins.

I think now you all understand how to earn coins. Now am going to tell you how to use these coins. Just follow the steps below

I will be adding my Facebook Page : Fricks Panel, just for this tutorial to get likes on the page. You can add any page which you like , the method is same for all lets start !!!

  • Click on add my site/page in the left sidebar.

  • Now you will get page where you have to select type ‘mean for what thing you want to use your coins or in simple which social site likes, views, shares , tweets etc you want’. In my case I have to submit my facebook page , so I will select Facebook likes.

Now fill the information required like Title, page url etc

Note : Title and other stuff is not worry some but page url and CPC is something you have to worry about which depends the most. Page URL is for the case that you get likes on the page you want , so don’t mistake copying the link. Second thing is CPC , if you want more likes and quickly then set it to max=10 what 10 means here that when someone will like your page he/she will get 10coins and these coins will have to be given by yours coins. Hope you understand.

  • After filling the info and setting CPC, now click Save changes. You site is now submitted and others users will see your page in the dashboard and will like it for coins, the way you were liking other’s one for coins

Note : All Tips & Tricks Are For Educational Purpose Only. We are not responsible for anything Wrong with you.

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